Saturday, September 17, 2016

New House and New Town

In the midst of a busy summer and big move the blog has fallen by the wayside. In June I accepted a job at the Alutiiq Museum in Kodiak and in July we bought a house and moved. Ryan is staying at his current job, but telecommuting from Kodiak when he is not in the field.

I kept thinking when we got settled in the house (which was almost two months ago now), I'd write a nice blog post ending the blog silence and starting fresh in our new home. But as these things go, we were busy, the house was never tidy-enough for photos, and the longer the blog sat without an update, the more daunting it seemed to write the 'first' post.

In the spirit of getting things on the blog, even if they are not perfect - here is the first post from our new home in Kodiak. It's not complete - only photos of the parts of the house I cleaned yesterday are included.

The occasion for cleaning the downstairs was my brother and sister are here, and they came over for dinner with my parents and a few friends. Neither of my siblings had been to my house yet. They both walked in and said "I think of one of my friends used to live here." After walking around they both confirmed they'd each had a friend who had lived in this house in high school (two different families). Ryan and I bought the house from someone (else) that we knew. Small town life!

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