Monday, August 17, 2015

The Blueberry Motherlode

Last Thursday night I almost posted about how we found the best blueberry patch we have ever seen up at Mile High Pass. I'm glad I didn't because on Saturday we found a blueberry patch that blows the first one out of the water. I will venture to give this amazing location away because a) I doubt many people will get this far out just to pick blueberries and b) I am sure there are a gazillion other places with just as many berries.

Bold Ridge is the place. We biked the first five miles along the Eklutna Lakeside Trail, and then hiked up to Bold Ridge. It was a little rainy, all the vegetation was wet, and we got completely soaked. As soon as we broke into the alpine we started to see blueberries...lots of them. And then when we came to the most amazing patch I have ever seen, we dropped our packs and started picking. In about three hours we had picked two gallons.

On our way home on Sunday we picked two quarts of watermelonberries on our way down the trail, and a few handfuls of raspberries. I've probably said this before too, but the watermelonberries were the biggest I've ever seen!


  1. See any sheep? Good to see country across the lake and the scrub brush for wood stove fuel. I hope the blueberries are still good when I get up there in mid september!


  2. We did see one sheep! We also saw three people who looked like hunters out scouting the area, so I think you are right, the other side of the lake is the place to go. We have picked blueberries well into September before. They were early this year, but I bet there will still be some hanging on.