Monday, August 24, 2015

Lost Lake Overnight Mountain Bike Trip

We had an incredible weekend mountain biking the Lost Lake Trail near Seward. The weather was absolutely fantastic with the exception of a little wind. I had never been on the Lost Lake Trail before, but for some reason I agreed to bike it on my fancy new mountain bike. I've never really mountain biked anything except normal dirt roads and ATV trails, and a few single track trails around Anchorage and why I agreed to do this I have no idea. However, I survived and had a great time.

We started on the Primrose side. The trail has some big roots, many of which we had to push our bikes over, but it really wasn't terrible until the last little stretch before you break into the alpine. At that point I was not having a great time. Nor did I take any photos, mostly because I was too busy cursing all the gear on my bike. But, there were convenient distance markers every half mile from the Lost Lake trail race earlier in the day that kept me going. Once we got into the alpine though the riding was exactly what I was hoping for. If you watch any YouTube videos of biking Lost Lake Trail, they are likely to be of this section because it's awesome.

My cousin and a friend of ours hiked the trail and met us at the lake and we all camped out together. This was the first time we've loaded up our bikes with racks and panniers with all of our camping gear. I think I had about 15 lbs and Ryan a little more. I was surprised at how well my bike handled with all the weight and I am really, really glad Ryan decided I need a real mountain bike this summer!

 The riding down to the Seward side the next day was awesome. The trail turned into a bit of a super highway though of hikers and bikers and our bear bells ended up being really handy for announcing our presence.

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