Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Berry Season in Eagle River

The berries are ripening about a week or two early here and I am not ready! We still have three jars of jam/jelly from last year! It's been a chore getting through everything I put up last year (and I gave tons away too), but it's a hardship I'm willing to endure.

Even though I've been in Eagle River for two years now, and have spent a lot of time picking berries, I am still discoveries new berries and new environments they grow in. While hiking Crow Pass we saw highbush blueberries on the Girdwood side, lowbush blueberries in the alpine, watermelonberries EVERYWHERE, raspberries and currants along the river, and even a few black currants (which are not tasty). It goes without saying that there were also unripe highbush cranberries everywhere.

Have you ever seen this many watermelonberries in one place? I have not.
Wild raspberries
Red currants
Black currants

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