Sunday, August 2, 2015

Crow Pass

Crow Pass has been on our list of backpacking trips we've wanted to do since we moved to Eagle River. We finally had the chance this weekend. Despite getting slammed by a cold, I decided I'd rather be miserable while outside than miserable laying around my house when it's sunny and 75 degrees. With a good dose of cold medicine, we set out late Saturday morning after Ann Marie gave us a ride to the trailhead in Girdwood.

The entire trail, but especially the Girdwood side, was crawling with people. I think we all get frantic to enjoy the great weather while it's here. We made it to Eagle River (the actual river, not the town) by the evening. We knew there would be tons (by Alaska standards) of people camped out by the river waiting to cross in the morning when the water is low. Instead of heading toward the ford site like it looked like most people were doing, we bushwhacked down river just a little ways and found a fantastic secluded campsite. Based on the amount of moss and lichen growing in the fire ring, I don't think anyone had used it in many years.

The river was a few inches lower in the morning and we had no problem crossing at the designated ford site. It was thigh-deep at the most.

It was awesome to end our hike just a twenty minute drive from our house. We are lucky trails like this are right in our backyard.

Raven Glacier

The blue moon at 6:45 this morning

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