Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gathering Fire Wood with the Skiff

A few days ago Ryan, John, and Katelyn and I took my parents skiff out to get firewood in Kalsin Bay. I had never gotten firewood using the skiff before and I had always imagined it would be a pain. It turns out it is super easy! We went out to Elephant Island, found two good logs and landed the skiff on the beach right below them. Ryan chainsawed them up and John, Katelyn, and I rolled them down the beach and loaded them in the skiff. When we got back, John backed his truck right down to the water and we lifted the rounds straight from the skiff into the truck. With four people it took no time. I am totally sold on getting wood with the skiff now. I think one of the reasons it is so easy is that you are moving the wood down the beach to your boat when you cut it, instead of up the beach to a truck.
I will add some photos when the internet is a little faster...

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