Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Returning to Alaska

I have BIG news.  I recently accepted a new job as a marine geophysicist with a survey company in Palmer.  We are moving back to Alaska!  The name of the company is TerraSond which will be a little confusing after working for Tetra Tech for the last five years.

I will be starting my new job sometime after the new year.  It wasn't an easy decision to take the new position, but at the same time it will be a very good opportunity for me.  I think TerraSond will be a good fit.  The job will be similar to what I do now but perhaps with less research and development and more hydrographic survey and more emphasis on working with the oil and gas industry.  There will still be a lot of fieldwork in Alaska, the lower 48, and even internationally.

It kind of a strange coincidence that TerraSond is based out of my home town.  There really isn't a lot of that kind of industry in Palmer.  TerraSond has a few other offices in Texas and a small one here is Seattle.  I will be based out of the Palmer office but likely working with other employees from all the offices.  Unlike Tetra Tech, TerraSond is entirely focused on hydrographic surveying, land surveying, marine geophysics and to a small extent terrestrial geophysics.  So despite the fact that TerraSond has only a small fraction of the number of employees at Tetra Tech if feels in a way like I am moving to a bigger company.

Molly will be staying in Seattle until at least this summer as she has teaching obligations with the university and will then be moving north. We have grown soft in this temperate climate but feel it's time to return to Alaska.  The best opportunities for both of our careers are in Alaska and we are ready to be closer to our Alaska friends and family again.


  1. whooo hooooo. Now we got to entice you down to Kodiak more for hunting. I figure with you and John helping me hunt (read carrying meat) that I got a retirement plan. Patrick

  2. I am wondering how you reconcile your love for nature to your new job in the oil industry...