Friday, June 19, 2015

Anniversary Backpacking Trip to Symphony Lakes

Eagle Lake
Last week we played hooky from work one day and went backpacking at Symphony Lakes for our anniversary. This area is literally out our front door in Eagle River (okay, we have a drive around the valley to get there) and an easy place to hike in to after work. The weather here has been abnormally hot and sunny and if there was ever a night to skip bringing a tent or shelter, this would have been it! Ryan wanted to try out our tent though since we've only used it once before, and the bugs were present, although not terrible, so it was good to have it.

We were surprised how many other people were up there backpacking in the middle of the week (as in we say 8 other people camped on the lake). The days are so long it doesn't cool off until very late and gets hot early early in the morning. While we were sitting around in our flip flops and shorts we kept saying "are we really in Alaska??"

On our second day we circumnavigated Eagle Lake and went over to Symphony for swim. Thank goodness there was a breeze or it would have been too hot for us!

Eating dinner at 9:30 at night

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