Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Biking

Tomorrow we leave for Montana and from there on to Patagonia.  I am looking forward to warmer weather and long days.  Here in southcentral Alaska we are in the depths of winter.  OK, technically it is still fall but really it is winter.  It's cold and the days a short.  These last two weeks I have been taking a leave of absence from work which has given me a great opportunity to put some miles on my fat bike.

Recently I have ridden at Government Peak Rec Area, Jim Creek, Matanuska Lake State Park, South Fork of Campbell Creek, and twice on Eagle River.  Today was my biggest ride yet and I really wasn't planning on it.  I took off from home and headed up the frozen Eagle River.  I followed some older bike tracks and newer ski tracks.  I was only planning on a hour or so of riding but my ambition got the better of me.  I just kept thinking "maybe a little father"  and "I wonder what's around the next corner".  Well, I will tell you what is around the next corner, more river!  Eventually I came across some fresher bike tracks, someone who had come down the river from somewhere else.  I started wondering where they had started, and after I checked my map I set my goal of reaching the next river access point.  My little ride turned into a 17 miles and three hours.  I felt spent but accomplished.  What a treat it is to access the Chugach State Park from my front door.  Riding on the river is perfect for my fat bike and great exercise in a beautiful place.  Maybe next time I will try to ride all the way to the Eagle River Nature Center!  Who's in?

My bike at Government Peak Rec. Area

Molly riding on Eagle River

Jim Lake looking towards the Kink Glacier
My friend Russ riding on a lake at Matanuska Lake State Park
Frozen Eagle River
Arriving home from my 17 mile ride on Eagle River

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