Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Almost Fall in Upstate New York

Fresh Veggies from the farm next to Grandma's house

A Northern Spy Apple from Grandma's Orchard
Corn maze in Cazenovia
Critz Farm in Cazenovia

We just returned from visiting Ryan's grandmother and extended family in Morrisville, NY. We had beautiful almost-fall weather nearly the entire time we were there. We got the last bit of summer with a couple of 65-70 degree days even though it did dip down to the 30's at night. Ryan's grandmother buys corn from her neighbor and we were lucky enough to have very fresh sweet corn almost everyday we were there. We also enjoyed tomatoes from Grandma and Aunt Helen's gardens. Ryan's grandparents also had quite the apple orchard, and although his grandmother doesn't have the trees sprayed or pick the apples anymore, we found a couple of good ones. The ones we ate were Northern Spy apples. They were crisp, a little tart, but delicious and Ryan was happy that I got to eat an apple from their orchard.

One day we went over to Cazenovia and went to the fall festival at Critz Farm. The festival features a corn maze (I had never been in a corn field before, so it was kind of exciting for me!), cider press demonstrations, pumpkin picking, and a petting zoo. It was quite the treat to have fresh apple cider, something that's a little hard to come by in Alaska! Besides being a little embarrassed that we were the only people at the festival without kids, we had a great time getting lost in the corn maze and petting the lambs and goats. When we drove up to the booth to pay to get into the festival, the guy selling the tickets couldn't believe we didn't have kids with us. I suppose if you lived around there and didn't have kids, a corn maze and petting zoo wouldn't be very exciting. =)

More photos soon!


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  1. In Maine as a kid Northern Spies were my favorite variety of apple. Always tart and always crunchy. They also always had a grimy exterior but that never bothered me. I gather they are a really old fashioned variety of apple, and you are lucky to have found some! Patrick