Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Attempting to pick huckleberries

A huckleberry bush in Snoqualmie Pass
I love to pick berries and was very happy to find a great place for huckleberries in Snoqualmie Pass, only an hour from Seattle. Ryan and I picked here last September and the year before that. Despite a bit of snow and rain, we came home with lots of big, fat berries. Last year Ryan, my sister, and I picked 4 gallons in two trips. We had so many that we didn't even use them all. I've been looking forwarding to my annual huckleberry expedition all summer and decided I would make jam this year to be sure they would all get used.

My friend Natasha and I drove up to Snoqualmie Pass on Sunday, hiked uphill for a half and hour to get to my spot, and were very disappointed to only find a few puny berries. Since I had been there two years in a row and had great berries, it hadn't really occurred to me that they might not be that good every year. We spent about 30 min picking and this is what we came home with:

This year's harvest (note that this is a sandwich plate, not a dinner plate)

The trip wasn't a complete bust though, I got to have fresh berries on my cereal and the next morning and we got to go for a hike. It was raining, but at 57 degrees it was much warmer than two of the other times I've been up there picking in the rain/snow. The fall colors were nice too. Below are some photos of previous trips, it's hard to even believe that those are the same type of berries as the ones above! Here's to hoping next year is a good huckleberry year!

Huckleberries from 2009

My sister, Kelly, picking huckleberries last year

A successful trip in the rain last year

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