Saturday, August 13, 2011

Experimental Archaeology

Patrick's point

Christy making an ulu

Jill's ulu

Patrick's point and ulu
Last week week did some experimental archaeology at the Amak Site and ground our own slate tools. The Alutiiq Museum put on a mock archaeological excavation for children today and they needed fake artifacts to put in the dig. So, we spent the better part of our lunch hour on Thursday and Friday making ulus and points.

We started with nice pieces of slate that were roughly in the shapes we wanted, and ground them on large graywacke rocks with a little water and sand. It is amazing how quickly the slate grinds down.

I first learned to grind slate at Spirit Camp at Dig Afognak when I was in 7th grade. The slate grinding instructor was none other than Patrick! Of course, I didn't really know him then and I had no idea that he would be so instrumental in starting my career in archaeology.  And here I am 15 years later, digging with Patrick and making ulus again!

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