Friday, August 26, 2011

Tok Cutoff

Mt. Drum, 12,000ft

Mt. Sanford, 16,000ft
I've been working on out on the Tok Cutoff Highway for the last few days (between Glennallen and Tok). The archaeology has been a little less than exciting, but the scenery is what really sells this place. The views of the Wrangell mountains are spectacular along this stretch of road. Even though there are usually clouds shrouding the tallest peaks, they tend to clear early and late in the day to give us a glimpse of some spectacular mountains. We've had views of Mt. Sanford, Drum, and Wrangell since we've been here.

Late summer is my favorite time of year in the interior. The weather is nice, but not too hot. The air is crisp in the morning and the leaves are just starting to turn. Berries are also ripe everywhere. I've been eating my fill of wild raspberries, high bush cranberries, red currants, and an occasional nagoonberry.

I really do miss interior Alaska on days like this, but I know the winters are harsh in this part of the state. And I know that when I leave here, I'll get to go home to Seattle and enjoy another three months of fall.

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