Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More fun in the sun - beach, zoo, and troll

Kendall and I on the ferry to Whidbey Island

Kendall and her dad picking out seashells to take home

Kendall and her mom at the zoo

Could this kid be any cuter?

Kendall feeding a bird in the Willawa room
We enjoyed more beautiful sunny weather for the rest of Doug, Jenni, and Kendall's visit to Seattle. We took the ferry to Whidbey Island and hung out on Double Bluff Beach for hours on Sunday. It felt hot to me but it was a nice break from the desert heat for them. Yesterday we spent most of the day at the zoo where we saw all sorts of exciting animals and Kendall got to feed some tropical birds.

We also visited the Fremont Troll - which Kendall has been asking about. She had also been speculating as to whether it was "real" or not. When we got there, she marched right up to it, walked/climbed all around it, touched it, and finally declared it to be "not real." It's funny to remember that six-year-olds have a different sense of reality than we do, they're still figuring it out.

Doug, Jenni, and Kendall left last night and I am back to unpacking, doing laundry, and packing again. Only three more days until I leave for MALAYSIA! If you want to read about the sorts of adventures I might be having in Malaysia, check out my cousin's brand new blog in Kuala Lumpur: http://6636miles.blogspot.com/

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