Sunday, May 27, 2012

Onion Man Triathlon

I survived the Onion Man Triathlon! By all of the measures I care about, my performance was a success: I didn't get hypothermia, I didn't get any flat tires, I finished the 10k run without walking (besides one bathroom pit-stop), and I was under my goal time of 3:15. These were all serious concerns as the lake wasn't exactly warm (60 degrees 8ft from the shore, definitely colder out there in the middle) and I was only one of TWO people without a wet suit. Being from Alaska, I didn't think a wet suit was necessary. And it wasn't. I also have fairly worn out tires on my bike AND the first/last mile of the bike portion of REALLY rough pavement (it was just chip-sealed recently). There are also several speed bumps - none of which are good for old worn-out skinny road tires.

I was not really sure what my time would be like, but I REALLY wanted to be under 3:30 and I thought 3:15 was the most reasonable time to expect so I was pretty happy when I crossed the line at 3:14. Since the women started 5 minutes after the men - and that's when the started the clock - my time was probably about 3:09. They haven't posted the results online yet, but I'm interested to see them. I think my bike time must have been a little faster than I had predicted. Oh, and the swim course turned out to be a little shorter than they had planned it to be, but I'm sure I biked faster than I had expected. =) More tomorrow after I recover...


  1. Congratulations Molly! What will your next challenge be? You have a whole summer ahead...

  2. Oh, I think a break for my knees is in order! I'll be in the field for July and August but I'll be back in September and training for the Dawg Dash!