Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Plum Harvest

Our plum tree was covered in plums this year. I think it had more fruit than any of the other years we've lived in this house. Last year it did have quite a bit too, but the crows beat us to them. It was very sad. As a result, I've been determined all year to harvest every last piece of fruit before the crows get to them.

I've been eyeing them and eating a few here and there for the past two weeks, but now that Ryan is home I decided it was time to go for it. I got out the ladder and picked as many as I could reach and then handed it over to Ryan. I think he really did manage to get almost every plum. He even used the rake for the ones he couldn't reach.

Now our kitchen is overflowing with 30 lbs (!!!) of Italian plums and I'm ecstatic, if not a little intimidated by the canning marathon in the days ahead. Tonight, plum preserves, tomorrow plum jam and Chinese plum sauce.

It's a good apple year too in our back yard!

Ryan provides quality control


  1. love the second picture! how did all the canning go?

  2. Still working on the canning...I've already done plum preserves, two batches of plum jam, Chinese plum sauce, and a plum crumble. There are enough left for one more batch of jam!