Sunday, January 6, 2013

A few more photos from Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Before I become overwhelmed with moving back to Alaska and starting a new job I thought I would share a few more photos from the Copan Archeological site.  This was the first place we went in Honduras and it was our favorite place overall.  Most people who visit Honduras go there for the diving in the Bay Islands, but since we don't dive and generally don't do well in the sun and heat, Copan was the place for us.

The Copan Archeological site was fascinating, beautiful, and relaxing.  The town of Copan Ruinas felt very safe and welcoming but not at all overrun by tourists.  Seeing as Molly is an archeologist and you could read about Copan on Wikipedia I won't try to explain the history or purpose of the site and structures you see here but rather just present some of my favorite photos.  Enjoy.

Jaguar plaza


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