Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moved in

Today was the big day for moving furniture. With a lot if help from Ryan's parents and our friend, Travis, we got all the furniture moved in and unpacked most of the boxes. It feels good. It's sort of a relief to find things I've been missing that were packed four months ago. It's also a little overwhelming because, well, we have a lot of stuff. But with some creativity, I think we'll be able to make it all fit. It's the kitchen that is really the problem; our last kitchen was huge. This one? Not so much.

After all the moving, we took a walk down to the river in front of our condo with Mollie, Mark, and the kids. We have fantastic river access here and a great little gravel/sand bar perfect for getting dirty and throwing rocks in the river - complete with bear tracks. 

Ryan and Steve moving the roll top desk

Dining and living all set up!

Oliver heading down to the river

Throwing rocks in Eagle River

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