Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunny Skies in Angoon

Beaver, Raven, Bear, King Salmon, Shark totem poles

I've been enjoying some of the finest weather Alaska has ever seen this last week. I'm in Angoon doing fieldwork for my brand new job. It's great to be able to go in the field and I feel very lucky that my superiors trusted me enough to throw me into a field project two weeks after starting. And what an awesome place this is to work.

Angoon is a great little town on Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska. Most of its 500 residents are Tlingit. It's wonderful to be in a small, welcoming town where everybody waves and is interested in what we're doing.

I knew that Angoon's weather is generally dryer than the rest of Southeast Alaska, but I did not expect it to be sunny and in the 70's every day. For our day off, we even went swimming, true Alaskan-style.

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