Monday, September 16, 2013

Caribou and Fall Colors

On our way back to Teklanika we stopped to take some scenery photos and while we were parked on the side of the road, Alex spotted several sheet up on a mountain slope just at the base of the fog. While we were all taking turns watching them with the binoculars, I turned around and just happened to catch these two caribou silhouetted on top of a hill. Just a moment later they ran down the ridge toward us and then disappeared over the other side.

As we drove through the park we stopped every once in a while to glass for animals. In one place, Kristin noticed a lone fireweed still in bloom on the side of the road. We both jumped out to take photos. As other cars drove by they'd slow down to see what we were looking at hoping it was wildlife. No such luck!

The game of stopping to see what other people might be seeing gets pretty comical at times. At one point we stopped behind a line-up of several cars and Ann Marie got out to ask what they were looking at. She was told that someone heard from someone else that there had been a bear chasing a caribou near the road a little while earlier. Nobody there had actually seen anything - they were just at the end of a long game of wildlife telephone, all hoping to see something exciting!

Another caribou mother and baby near Wonder Lake
View of Denali leaving the park on Sunday
A lone fireweed still in bloom
fall colors as we left the park
Ann Marie on a little backcountry hike

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