Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Santa Barbara Wedding

Keefer and Ryan watching the sunset above Santa Barbara at the Lizard's Mouth
We spent the holiday weekend in Santa Barbara attending our friends Megan and Grant's wedding. An escape to California just as fall is setting in here was fantastic. And, in addition to seeing a bunch of our old Seattle friends (who have now also moved away), we got to spend a lot of time with Grant and Megan after the wedding and before they left on their honeymoon. I know weddings are busy times for the bride and groom and it's hard to visit with many people over one weekend, so I feel pretty spoiled to have spent so much time with them.

On Sunday Grant, Megan, and some of our other friends showed us around Isla Vista where UCSB is located and where they all went to college. The beach/college town scene is pretty much the complete opposite of the college scene Ryan and I had in Fairbanks!

Megan and I
Kayla's daughter's sippy cup made it in a lot of photos even though little Ellis had left the party hours earlier!
Cocktail hour! (thanks for the photo Karlene!)
Megan and I in Isla Vista
Strolling along the bluff in Isla Vista

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