Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last days of summer

We are feeling pretty moved in to our house, at least downstairs where we finally hung some photos on the walls. We've done a couple more little projects but mostly we've been busy with work and with my parents visit last weekend. Here are a few pictures from the last week:

Ryan's blueberry cinnamon swirl bread, aka a cinnamon roll with blueberries 

After 40 years in Alaska, my parents finally made it to state fair!
A selection of the giant vegetables, check out the 68 lb rutabaga! (we were there before the pumpkin and cabbage weigh-offs so didn't see the really huge stuff)  

We picked high bush cranberries at the entrance to our street today - this spot has the densest cranberries I've ever seen.

1/2 gallon in 1/2 hour

Today I noticed fresh snow on the mountains in the back of Eagle River Valley. The weather has been so warm I had almost forgotten that fall can start at the end of August in Alaska!

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