Friday, August 9, 2013

Mt. Magnificent Blueberries

I'm tempted to name all my blog posts from here on out "This is what I missed about Alaska," because, well, this quick little blueberry-picking hike with stunning views that we did last night is what I missed about Alaska. After work we headed up the Mt. Magnificent Trail and after a 10 min drive and 20 min of huffing and puffing up the steep trail, we broke out into the meadow in the saddle above. We only went to the top of the first peak to the right, but another mile would take you to Mt. Magnificent itself.

We picked blueberries on the right side of the saddle (on your way up). They were decent there, not particularly thick, but for our first time out foraging we certainly can't complain. We saw people on the left side picking so we'll probably look there next time.

For a day that was forecasted to rain and blow, it certainly turned out nicely! And if you're planning to hike here, FYI, we did see a black bear so be prepared!

Looking down at our house - we live on the far right side down by the river (where the houses are packed in very tighly!)

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