Saturday, January 18, 2014

Favorite Photos from 2013

Caribou in Denali National Park
My friend Patrick just blogged about his favorite photos from 2013 and it inspired me to look back at my year in photos too. Unsurprisingly, many of my favorites are from my trip to Denali National Park in September.

Like Patrick, I strive to focus on the composition of my photos and edit with the goal of presenting the colors as they were in reality when I took the photo. I'm not big on over-saturated photos where the colors are unrealistic.  I like to capture nature the way I viewed it. However, I do rely on 'tweaking' the colors in a lot of my images, especially sunset or cloudy day photos. Ever tried taking a sunset photo with a point-and-shoot camera on auto mode and then on sunset mode? The colors turn out completely different! I've found reality seems to be somewhere in the middle. That's what I try to get to when I adjust the colors in my images.

These are my favorite landscapes I took in 2013. All were taken with my DSLR (various lenses) except the Mile High Pass photo which was taken with our point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix.

Denali in the morning light

Mile High Pass in Eagle River

Birch in Denali in morning light
And here are my favorite people photos from 2013. The lighting isn't great in all of these, but it's the expressions on the little ones that make these worth looking at.

Ryan, Max, and Adam in San Francisco
Baby L - 5 months old
Baby L - 6 weeks old
Baby G - 13 months old

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  1. I like the fireweed and green green pass in the one from the pass. Great Pictures!