Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Carpet

With our new carpet finally installed upstairs, we can once again unpack - oh the joy! If we never move again I will be very happy.

The new carpet looks and feels great, even though we went with the cheapest pad available and Lowes' stock carpet. In our last house we bought a nice pad and higher-end carpet for the bedrooms, but I thought it was total overkill. It was so squishy and soft I could have slept right on the floor. But I don't sleep on the floor; I have a bed. I knew I'd be perfectly happy with the not-so-squishy pad this time (and I am). The old carpet was a little worn out so this stuff feels a million times better and best of all, it's cat-dander-free!

We priced carpet at two places and at both they tried to convince us to buy a nice pad with a water/stain resistant coating. I know that sounds like a good idea, but we never eat or drink (anything except water) in our bedrooms and we don't have pets, so why would we need stain resistant flooring??

I know I'll be happy when all our stuff is unpacked (again...), but I did really like the feel of the upstairs when all the rooms were empty - SO MUCH SPACE, so little clutter. It's amazing how much stuff you can jam into one washer and dryer closet (and two bathrooms). Now the fun of putting it all back begins!

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