Sunday, May 11, 2014

Springtime in Kotzebue

Shore Ave 3 1/2 weeks ago when there was still snow in town
I’ve been in Kotzebue for a month now enjoying springtime (and working long hours). When I was here in March, it was pretty much just winter with 12+ hours of sunlight. When I cam back in the middle of April, it was a little warmer but there was still a lot of snow. Within my first couple of days back it all started to melt. And it melted fast. The streets turned into giant puddles and the city spent a week pumping water out into the ocean. I wish I had taken pictures of town every day to help me remember how quickly it happened.

Town has been pretty much snow-free for a couple of weeks now. It really warmed up about three weeks ago and we enjoyed calm days and unrelenting sunshine. Then it cooled off and turned to winter again - a little bit of a rude awakening to remind us that we are still in the Arctic and it is only the beginning of May.

The weather has turned again though and we're supposed to see temps in the mid-forties for the next few days. It really seems like spring on some days, but then I check the weather for Eagle River and I realize how relative "spring" can be.

Sunset just before midnight a few days ago
 The shore fast ice is still in. It will be fun to see it go out while we're here.

A little dusting of snow the other day (yes, we drive a cab - there are only so many cars for rent in a small town like this)
Finally got to try some sheefish - yum!
5/6 of our salty crew all decked out in our green and blue shades of "town" clothes

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