Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Arctic Summer

Kotzebue has definitely taken a turn for the warmer, and by warm I mean over 50 degrees F. In this photos it is 52 degrees, blowing 20mph and kids were jumping off Front Street into the ocean. And my parents thought we were crazy to swim in Kodiak as kids!

It was calm yesterday and the mosquitoes finally came out - definitely not the worst I've seen, but enough to make us glad to see 20 mph wind again today.

The barge running by is hauling sand for airport paving projects this summer. This barge dwarfs all the buildings along Front Street. There is a very strong current that runs along the front of town so the barge has to do some crazy maneuvering to land near the airport. It's pretty entertaining to watch. And then they tie it off to pieces of heavy equipment to hold it in place while they offload the material. Barges with normal supplies land at the other end of town. It would not be a good idea to be running dump trucks across town though, so this barge has to land at the airport itself so the material doesn't need to be hauled far.

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