Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Still not quite summer in Kotz

We had amazing weather in April. It was crystal clear and sunny every single day. The sun seemed unrelenting and I got sunburned no matter how much sunscreen I used. Everyone kept telling us that April was the sunniest month of spring and after that the weather would worsen. They were right! May and June have been stormy on and off. We've rarely had a calm day, usually the wind is blowing between 10 and 15 mph, but we have also had more than a few days of 25 mph+ winds, plenty of rain and even snow in June. But, it's Alaska, and the the Arctic at that so it's a little hard to complain.

It's still very brown here and a little bit of snow is still sticking on the hills. Things are just starting to bud out. It will be fun to look back at these pictures when it is a bit more summery.

Ryan came to Kotzebue last weekend. His visit was fun but too short. The only saving grace of working long hours (besides the overtime) is not having enough time to miss Ryan and home. But, Kotzebue is a nice town with friendly people and good place to see spring in the Arctic so I can't exactly complain. And I can get Amazon packages delivered to the house here which gives any place a gold star in my book (I didn't grow up somewhere with ANY mail delivery, so I think any place with mail delivery is the greatest thing since sliced bread). 

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