Monday, August 25, 2014


It's blueberry season in Kotzebue. Picking is even easier than in Eagle River - all you have to do is drive a mile or two out of town and walk out onto the tundra. I've checked out a couple of different spots but the one I found at about 9:45pm today when I trying to head back to the car was by far the best. These might be the biggest tundra blueberries I've ever seen.

We've been having incredible weather in Kotzebue for the last month. I read an article in the ADN yesterday about how Alaskans feel guilty not getting outside when it's sunny and as a result, nice weather becomes exhausting because we feel that every day might be the last sunny day until next summer. So tonight, when I was contemplating blowing off berry picking to lay in bed and read, I checked for forecast and saw rain for the day after tomorrow. I grabbed my berry container and ran out the door like there was a ticking time bomb on my blueberries. It was well-worth it. 

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