Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ice skating at Nancy Lake State Park

Its almost the end of November and we still don't have snow.  While many are complaining about the lack of snow for skiing there is an upside...the ice skating is great right now.  Today I joined a group of friends and new acquaintances for ice skating at Nancy Lake State Park.  Despite driving past this park many time I have never visited.  I knew the park was good for canoeing with short portages between many lakes.  It turns out the park is great to touring on ice skates as well.  The sun was low on the horizon all day but we were all just happy to be out enjoying the blue skies.  We skated for about 4 hours making a loop that took us to about a dozen lakes.  It was probably the most time I have ever spent on ice skates.  We also saw a handful of people touring on fat tire bikes.  Regardless of the mode of transportation everyone was having a great day.

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