Monday, December 1, 2014

Cabin Trip

We went out to the Cross Family cabin north of Talkeetna on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There still wasn't much snow up there (just a dusting), so we took four-wheelers instead of snow machines.  It snowed a couple of inches while we were there, but it was still fine for getting out. It was 12F when we left on Sunday - strange weather for four-wheeling! When we arrived home on Sunday it had finally snowed in Eagle River. The snow just squeaked in before December.

The trail was in much better condition that it was last time we went. It was very rutted out and muddy in October, but now it's frozen solid (even though the ruts are still there).

We got some chores done, rolled some logs, and played a few games. I had the longest streak of Monopoly luck of my life. I'm pretty sure neither Ryan nor my brother will play with me again anytime soon.

And we had this amazing view of Foraker and Denali on our way back.

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