Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cold Hiking in Eagle River

Ryan hiking in the South Fork
It finally got cold in Anchorage! We haven't gotten any new snow, but we've had some crystal clear days that looked wintery enough with the 6-8" that are on the ground. On Saturday we went hiking in the South Fork of Eagle River. The trail conditions were great - packed down but not icy. As usual, the scenery in the South Fork was stunning, but the sun never hit the valley floor. There is a price to be paid for living in the mountains in Alaska, and that is that they also block the sun.

On Sunday we got into the sun on Mount Baldy. The steep part of the trail is probably easier to hike right now than it is in the summer because all the sharp rocks and mud are covered up. We had a great view of the Alaska Range even though it didn't show up well in the iPhone photos. When we left our house it was 1 degree F, but it felt warm in the sun, there was probably quite an inversion (and our house was in the shade).

Now it has warmed up and is raining (just a tiny bit) so who knows what it might be like up there now. I'm guessing icier which is too bad for hiking.

View south from Mount Baldy

View from the top of Baldy
View toward the Alaska Range from the top of Baldy

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