Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hiking Bear Mountain

Starting our hike just as the sun was rising at 10am
It feels like spring again in Anchorage and we still have no new snow. We took advantage of a nice day to hike up Bear Mountain with some friends who were going to paraglide off the top. The trail is very icy near the bottom but completely hike-able with grippers or crampons. Just like the Mount Baldy trail, the steep portion is probably in better condition right now than it is in the summer.

As we approcahed the top many of the paragliders who had hiked up before us were taking off and we got great views of them flying by.

Our friends had hiked up with their dog, Teddy and the plan was for us to take Teddy back to the trail head with us. He's a very obedient dog and even though he was whiny when they took off and I made him sit with me, he forgot as soon as Ryan distracted him with a stick. But then after we started hiking down, he looked back and saw some other hikers at the location of the take-off. Thinking his people had returned, he dashed off and wouldn't come back. Ryan had to hike back and distract him with a stick again. Then we kept him on the leash until we were out of sight of the top.

Our friend Jerry taking off
Teddy watching his people fly away

By the time we hiked back down the mountain it was WARM and the snow was a little slushy. It did not feel like January at all. When we were getting back to the base of the trail in the valley around 3:00 the sun was dipping behind the mountains. We got the most out of this sunny day!
Ryan and Teddy

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