Sunday, May 17, 2015

Akutan 2015

It is deja vu in Akutan.  I was here last year in May, on the same boat, with the same captain, eating the same food.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  While we jokingly refer to this place as Akutraz in reference to the notorious island prison, there could be worse places to be stuck.

While most days are cold or windy or rainy or some combination of the above, breaks in the weather remind us that we are working in a beautiful inlet surrounded by picturesque mountains freshly shaped by volcanic eruptions and glacial erosion.  And the work is rewarding too, this is an evolving and adaptive project with a breadth of acoustic tools being used to make quick decisions in the field.  That said, I look forward to being home in a couple weeks and seeing some real summer weather.  Here are a few photos from this trip to Akutan
Ever present sea otter eating a crab

Looking west toward the higher peaks of Aktan

My colleague Jason working at the survey station aboard the Miss Alyssa

The Trident seafood processing facility

Captain Jimmer with a live king crab

Overlooking Akutan Harbor and the Trident Seafood facility

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