Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mt. Magnificent Attempt

We are having absolutely incredible weather for still being May. Officially it was only 72 degrees in Anchorage today, but the thermometer at my house read 87. It's amazing how hot that can seem when you're not used to it!

With such amazing weather and so little snow I can't resist the mountains! I went for a hike with my friends Wynne and Nicolai on the Mile Hi Pass Trail. I've never been all the way to Mt. Magnificent, so that was our goal. However, once we got close, it became evident that the trail doesn't go all the way to Mt. Magnificent. Apparently most people stop at a small peak short of there. And we decided to as well. There was a little breeze, but it was still very hot for these three Alaskans.

We spent our fair share of time just sitting up in the alpine enjoying the incredible views of Eagle River Valley, Anchorage, the Chugach Mountains, and the Alaska Range. Every time I hike that ridge I think of how lucky I am to live somewhere where such incredible alpine hiking is accessible within a 15 minute drive and 30 min hike from my house.

We also ate cupcakes to celebrate Wynne's birthday!

Wynne and Nicolai getting our their bird identification book

Happy birthday Wynne!

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  1. Indeed, it's so nice to have the mountains so close to home. My closest are at approx 120 miles away which means some valuable time spent on the road.