Monday, July 20, 2015

Denali Highway

This weekend my cousin and I took off Thursday night for a 3+ day road trip to see the Denali Highway. Despite having collectively lived over 30 years in Alaska, neither of us had ever been on this highway before. We went counter clockwise, camping one night on the Glenn Highway and two nights on the Denali Highway. We had cloudy weather, sporadic rain, and a few bugs, but nothing a true Alaskan could complain about. We also saw copious amounts of fireweed in bloom, our first ripe blueberries of the season, a fox, a caribou, and fleeting views of the foothills of the Alaska Range.

I'm some ways it's good that we didn't get to see the Alaska Range on a clear day; it gives us a reason to go back soon.

Overlooking Tangle Lakes Campground

Tangle Lakes

Light-colored fireweed

Brushkana campground

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