Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mageik Creek Canyon

View out the Katmai River Valley toward the Pacific and Kodiak Island
View back toward the pass and Mageik Mountain from the shoulder of Observation Mountain
Our collection of Osprey Exos packs on Observation Mountain

Mageik Creek Canyon
After we hiked through Katmai Pass we climbed over the eastern shoulder of Observation Mountain and got our first view of the Pacific Coast, and even Kodiak Island. It was windy, so we dropped over Observation and tucked into Mageik Creek Canyon for some shelter. However, the wind changed direction and picked up in the middle of the night and we found ourselves scrambling to put rocks on our tent lines. We also had our fair share of the famous Katmai pumice-sand blowing into our tent and coating all our gear (and our faces). But I suppose it would have been a shame to spend almost a week in the park and not experience this lovely phenomenon.

The canyon also had a well-worn bear trail and tracks everywhere. Luckily we had a borrowed electric bear fence (thanks, Patrick!) that gave us some peace of mind. There really is no getting away from bear tracks in this part of Katmai.

Mageik Creek Canyon, carved into sedimentary rock, is a deep canyon. I honestly didn't expect this see this type of canyon out here. Despite the wind and blowing pumice, I was glad we had the chance to hang out in it.

Mageik Creek Canyon
Windy morning in Mageik Creek Canyon

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