Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Hiking With My New Iphone Camera

I recently upgraded to the new iphone 6S plus.  As usual the camera has gotten better.  An iphone is still not replacement for Digital SLR with a good lens but it does impress me on occasion, especially compared to the early days of camera phones.  This weekend we headed up our local trail to Mile Hi Pass and along the alpine ridges.  We hiked above the fog and enjoyed views of the Alaska Range.  Despite a gray day I still snapped a few decent photos with the new camera.

Fog filled Eagle River Valley
This is not a true summit but the views from this point are great
The sun was shining brightly on the snow covered Alaska Range

My new iphone is in a water proof case so am not afraid to take it hiking in the rain.  While I was in Sikta last week I took this photo in the rainforest.  Again not the best lighting but I thought the iphone did well.
Hiking in the rainforest

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