Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Party

Despite only getting one trick or treater, Halloween was a success thanks to some awesome friends. Ryan missed the fun due to fieldwork, but I wasn't about to let that dampen my enthusiasm for the best holiday ever.

When I decided to be the girl on the Morton Salt container, I found a sweet yellow dress for $12 on Amazon, but low and behold, they would not ship it to Alaska. I settled for a yellow skirt and a yellow cardigan I already owned. Finding white tights was a total bust. I could not find any in Eagle River. And I thought the white tights would be the easiest part!

Like a real pro I waited to go shopping for my party until Halloween morning. The good thing was anything Halloween-related was on clearance. The bad thing was there wasn't much of it.

The thing I love about Halloween is that the creativity is endless. You could literally be any thing or person under the sun. Or, you could put a white sheet over your head and call it good.

This year my claim to fame is that Hillary Clinton played corn hole at my house.

The Joker

Joker and the Morton Salt girl

Miss Piggy and Hillary Clinton playing corn hole

Road kill and a 40's pin up girl - playing corn hole in those heals deserves serious props

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