Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kodiak Marine Science Symposium & Summer Plans

The archaeologists from the Kodiak Marine Science Symposium: Mike, Catherine (both UW alumni!), me, and Patrick

Mike and Catherine having lunch at the Power House
Patrick and Mom at the Power House
My friend Katelyn and I at Ft. Abercrombie
I am on my way home from Kodiak with a renewed sense of purpose and contentment with my dissertation. I have been reminded why I love science, why other people are interested in science, and why I chose to return to Kodiak for my own research. Kodiak really is a special place, culturally and ecologically. This conference was exactly what I needed to break out of the winter/5th year of grad school slump I’ve been in for the last couple of months. I’m feeling that the next few weeks are going to be productive.

Most of my fieldwork is set for the summer now and since people have been asking where I’ll be, I thought I’d share. I’ll be working for the Alutiiq Museum on a survey of the Karluk River on the south end of Kodiak Island from May 23-June 6. That will just be a quick trip though, afterward I’ll have to return to Seattle to finish up the school-year. From the middle of June to the middle of July I have a summer research fellowship at the Burke Museum at the University of Washington  where I will conduct some of the faunal analysis for my dissertation (yes, I will actually be spending a portion of my summer HOME, at my own house, in Seattle, hopefully with Ryan!!). During that time we will be making a quick jaunt up to Anchorage to our friends Travis and Megan’s wedding in Girdwood, and to celebrate Ryan’s mom’s birthday and our nephew’s second birthday. I guess if anyone wants to come visit us this summer, a good time would be between about June 27 and July 15 – a rare chance to catch us in Seattle in the summer, well, me anyway. I suppose I can’t speak for Ryan’s work schedule.

I will be in Kodiak again from about July 20-August 20 working on the Alutiiq Museum’s Community Archaeology dig near Salonie Creek. The rest of my summer is still up in the air, but chances are I’ll find work somewhere else in Alaska – maybe Fairbanks again. Ryan’s fieldwork schedule still isn’t set yet either, but I’m hoping he’ll be able to visit me in Alaska like he did last summer.

So here’s a recap for those of you who might like to mark your calendars (mom?):
May 22-June 7: Kodiak for Karluk River Survey
June 7-July 20ish: Seattle (finish the school year, work at the Burke Museum for my fellowship)
Around June 25: short visit to Anchorage
July 20ish – August 20: Kodiak for Community Archaeology
After August 20: To be determined

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