Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Last Chance (sort of)

Ryan's birthday cake

Ryan, Richard, and Megan

In the Pacific Northwest we have had an amazing amount of late snow this year so I was tempted to get out climbing and skiing this weekend. Unfortunately, because of all the snowfall, access to the mountains is still pretty much limited to the major mountain passes. To further put a damper on our plans, the avalanche conditions have been pretty bad the last few weeks with heavy wet snow slides occurring on many slopes. This all amounted two options: either we would stay out of the mountains or head to a ski resort.

Amazingly the ski resorts are still open and there is fresh snow. Richard and I went to Alpental yesterday morning for some spring skiing. There was indeed fresh snow. With temperatures in the mid 30's, it was like skiing in mashed potatoes. It was fun but the thick and sticky snow keep us working hard.

The resort skiing might be coming to an end, but the ski season is certainly not over. Earlier this season I lost a ski while skiing some difficult terrain at Stevens Pass. The snow pack up there will last for a few more months, but once it is gone I intend to return to look for my ski.


I was in Kodiak last week for Ryan's birthday, but I finally got to make him a cake this weekend and we had Richard and Megan over after the boys got back from skiing. I've been wanting to try more recipes from "Rose's Heavenly Cakes", so I let Ryan pick one out. He chose an angel food cake with dark chocolate. It is made just like a regular angel food cake, but you add little bits of grated dark chocolate after you've folded in the flour. It was yummy!


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