Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Camping" in Cape Disappointment State Park

Ryan, me, and Jennie on the beach

Jen, Jay, Jennie, and Ryan embarking on our 0.6 mile hike
This weekend our friend Jennie had the awesome idea to rent a yurt in Cape Disappointment State Park at the mouth of the Columbia River. Even though the weather was fantastic yesterday and we hung out outside around the campfire until we went to bed, the yurt was a good call. Not only did it have electric heat and beds for five people, it also rained overnight and we didn't have to pack up a wet tent in the morning!

We went on some short walks around the park yesterday before sunset - the first one we went on was 0.6 miles. After that, we joked that we would only do hikes that were no longer than that. Since all five of us are former Alaskans, we brought our Xtra Tuffs and had a long discussion about the universal functionality of Xtra Tuffs before setting out. I have to admit though, I wore my sneakers even though all the trail head signs warned of mud. It turned out all the trails were either gravel or pavement. No mud.

We caught an awesome sunset on the beach where we had fun taking silhouetted photos. Perfect end to a beautiful day.

Jennie and I

Jen, me, and Jennie

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  1. Like the Charlie's Angels Pose - and I am glad to hear you had a better nights sleep in a yurt than you did in what I assume was your last stay in a yurt on the Karluk River last may. And speaking of Karluk River I am about to post the video on our blog - like in 5 minutes! Patrick