Friday, October 7, 2011

Kodiak Dawn

I took these photos early one morning this summer on my way to the airport in Kodiak to meet Ryan. There are some beautiful sunrises in Kodiak, but I rarely see them in the summer because they happen so early. As I ran out of the door that morning, I glanced at my camera, considered taking it, but then thought "I'm just driving (30 miles) to the airport and back, why would I need to take any photos?" I regretted that decision as soon as I came out into the flat stretch in Middle Bay and saw this view. As I rounded the corner near Salt Creek, I remembered I had Patrick's camera! I'd taken it home for the weekend to post some of the photos on my blog while he was out deer hunting. I backed up and snapped these photos (which made me late to pick up Ryan - for which he was very understanding!) It turned out to be awesome that I had Patrick's camera because it is a very nice SLR camera - way better than the point and shoot I had. I thought they were worthy of sharing, but had forgotten them on a CD in Kodiak until my mom sent them last week (thanks Mom!).

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