Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fifteen Pounds of Apples

Our apple tree had another great year. It's still exciting to me to have a fruit tree. We ignore it all year long, do absolutely nothing, and it produces 15 lbs of fruit! In some years anyway. We picked the apples when we got back last week. This year's crop was not only bigger than last year's, but only ONE of the apples had worms! Last year about half of them did. Pretty impressive since we don't spray the tree or anything. Check out our blog post from last year to see how much more impressive the apples were this year.

So far we've made apple/pear sauce and apple/pear/raspberry sauce with more to come this weekend. The Vitamix (on loan from Ann Marie while she's in Malaysia) has been an awesome tool for pureeing canned goods - no need to peal the apples or pears! I could get used to that...

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