Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Attic Insulation Installed

800 square feet of R-30 fiberglass insulation

Moving the insulation into the attic

Insulation installed

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about making improvements to our attic.  Molly and I started installing the R-30 fiberglass insulation on Sunday and today I finished the project.  That attic looks much nicer and now has at least three times as much insulation as it did previously.  I was also very happy to realize that I previously miss-calculated the cost of the insulation. It ended up costing significantly less than I had anticipated.

I have yet to notice much of a difference inside. However, I know the insulation is working because I used an inferred thermometer to measure the temperate above and below some of the insulation.  It was a few degrees warmer under the insulation so we are successful trapping more heat in the house.

I'm glad we were able to complete this project ourselves. The next major house improvement involves the crawl space though and that's where I draw the line; I'm calling in the professionals.  I am getting quotes later this week to have a new vapor barrier and insulation installed in the crawlspace.  Molly and I agree that this is one of the last major projects that will make our house more energy efficient, benefiting us in the long-run or making the house more appealing if we were ever decide to sell it.

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