Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crawlspace cleaning and insulating

After three years of putting it off, we finally hired a contractor to deal with the mess that was our crawlspace.  In the 60 plus years that this house has sat here many projects and renovations have happened in the crawlspace.  The original furnace was removed and new plumbing and electrical were installed.  Each of these projects left behind a trail of debris.  But the biggest problem in the crawlspace was the falling-down insulation and torn-up vapor barrier.  The contractor removed all the old debris, insulation, vapor barrier, and installed a new barrier and new R-25 fiberglass batt insulation.  This should make the house a little more appealing to the next buyer and in the mean time we will hopefully enjoy a warmer, dryer house.

After the contractor left I went and checked out the crawl space.  There is still very little room to move around and you have to do a lot of shuffling and rolling over.  But for the first time I could see around everywhere; I felt like I was really seeing the crawlspace for the first time.

Old insulation falling down

New Insulation and vapor barrier

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