Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Birthday and Awesome Skiing

Miles, Ryan W., and Steven

Two Ryans

Steven and Allison
After being (mostly) home-bound during the snow and ice storm last week, I finally got out of the house for some fun last weekend. Cabin fever was definitely getting to me! On Saturday, we went over to Ryan W. and Kayla's house. Not only was it Ryan W.'s birthday, but his twin brother Steven (it was also Steven's birthday too, obviously!), his sister Paige, and Steven's girlfriend Allison were visiting from California. We've gotten to know Steven and Paige over the years when they come up to visit so we were looking forward to seeing them again. And it was fun to meet Allison this time.

On Sunday we finally had the change to go skiing/snowboarding. As you can imagine, it dumped snow in the mountains last week. Even though there were huge crowds at Stevens, we managed to stay away from most of them and enjoy fresh powder. It had snowed overnight and it also snowed HARD throughout the day. We stuck to the back side and stayed almost completely off the groomed runs. The snow was great in the trees! It was the perfect snow for me too. I don't like the powder to be too deep or fluffy because my board gets buried easily and it's a pain to get back up on a snowboard. This was the first time I realized that maybe it's time for me to graduate to a bigger board. I got a fairly short one three years ago when I first started snowboarding because it's easier to learn on a short board. My skill level has come a long way since then (as Ryan says, I can snowboard everything he can ski, I just do it slower). I think I would have an easier time snowboarding in powder with a longer board. I still have a little work to do improving on tight turns, so I think I'll put off that purchase for a while.

Unfortunately we were so busy enjoying the snow that we didn't take any pictures!

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