Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7 1/2 Mile Camp to Wahtum Lake and Smokey Camp

Me and Heather at Smokey Camp
On Sunday morning we continued up the Eagle Creek Trail to Wahtum Lake (about 6 1/2 miles). It was foggy all day but didn't rain. Once we got up near Wahtum Lake it was cold and winy, but we were glad it wasn't raining as well! Wahtum Lake is where the Eagle Creek Trail meets the Pacific Crest Trail. My dad said most through hikers opt to take the Eagle Creek Trail for this section anyway because it is so scenic.

At Wahtum Lake we stopped and filled our water bottles as well as any extra containers we had. We were heading to Smokey Camp on Benson Ridge for the night and it didn't look like there was any water nearby on the map. Once we got there we saw a sign that pointed downhill and said "Water 0.1 miles." Oh well, now we know!

It was very cold and windy at Smokey Camp. There is a great shelter set up though with logs and it served as a great wind break. We set our tent up inside of it and then sat behind it to cook our dinner. Even though it was still foggy when we went to bed (at 8:30 because it was so cold!), Jennie and I got up to go to the bathroom at 12:30 and it was perfectly clear. There was a full moon and the light was streaming through the trees. It was still cold and windy though so we didn't enjoy the view for long!

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