Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eagle Creek Backpacking Trip

Punchbowl Falls

Heather at Tunnel Falls
Our Eagle Creek Backpacking trip was a success! We had fairly bad weather but still had a great time - mostly because we never had the triple threat (rain, wind, and cold temps) all at once. On the first night we had rain, but it was very warm. On the second day we had cold and wind, but it wasn't raining. On the last day it finally cleared up in the afternoon and after we started to descend back into the Gorge, it warmed up.

Weather doesn't really have an affect on the beautiful sights on this hike though (with the exception of a few look outs). The reason you should hike this trail is because of the waterfalls. There are lots of them - from tall thundering ones to cut little cascades on tributaries of Eagle Creek.

I will write in more detail later, but for now I will just say that I loved this hike and can't wait to take Ryan there in the fall.

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