Monday, October 29, 2012

Griz Football

We went to a Griz football game when we were in Missoula this weekend (both my sister and brother-in-law's alma mater). Despite forecasts for rain AND snow, it ended up being a fairly nice day, all things considered. It was a good day for the Griz football team too, if you can call winning by 46 points a good game.

Apparently the University of Montana hasn't exactly been having a good year so I'm sure it was nice for them and the fans to see a win. It was exciting at the beginning but by the time Montana had three touchdowns in the first quarter, I started feeling a little bad. At least Idaho State got to score a couple touchdowns and field goals.

Montana used to have a tradition of sky divers landing in the stadium before every game. I saw some of them a few years ago when I went to a game with my sister. This time I was a little disappointed there wouldn't be any sky divers. They added a new level to one side of the stadium recently and it has apparently messed with the airflow in and around the stadium and created some up-drafts. Last year a sky diver got caught by a gust and missed the stadium, crashing into a concrete wall. He broke 19 bones but survived. He was actually at the game this weekend. They've also put in new light posts around the stadium and would need approval from the FAA to allow sky diving again. Combined with accident last year, I think they've decided sky diving into the stadium might not be such a good idea.

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  1. Looks like fun.